Beth Hackett

Agent for Beth Hackett Insurance Agency

Beth was born and raised in Petrolia along with her husband Jeff. They married and moved to Wyoming where they continue to live and raise their two boys Jack and Cameron.

Beth’s insurance career began 20 years ago as a sales associate. She moved on to become an agent and now proud owner of Beth Hackett Insurance. Her main focus for herself and her staff is to build long lasting relationships with her clients. Unlike the box store insurance companies, we want to sit down face to face with our clients get to understand their needs and treat them as family.

At Hackett insurance, we are changing the way people view insurance whether it’s the initial purchase or our outstanding service to our clients throughout the year. We strive to reach every client on every renewal to keep our clients informed and educated as to the why and what of insurance.

Not only does Beth offer after hour appointments she also makes house calls. You choose, how you want to do business.

Beth is proud that she able to represent Lambton Mutual Insurance Company. Lambton Mutual is truly a caring company that focuses on personal hands on service, giving back to the community, and treating all clients with respect and understanding.

Brenda McEachern

Agent for Beth Hackett Insurance Agency

Brenda grew up on a farm in Brooke twp. Brenda attended St. Clair College in Windsor.

Brenda is married to her husband Dan and have 2 kids, Kyle and Felisha.   Brenda enjoys outdoor activities and enjoys the beaches in Lambton County. Brenda has worked in the Insurance Industry for 22 years and enjoys the direct customer service and long term relationships that a small community offers.

Brenda believes in the Mutual advantage and always puts the client’s best interests first. Brenda is very community minded whether helping out a community event or supporting local service clubs. Brenda is always willing to help.

Dana Vokes

Agent for Beth Hackett Insurance Agency

Dana grew up in Oil City and now lives outside Petrolia.

Dana is married and she and Adam and have 2 children; Taylor and Maddison. Dana enjoys snowboarding and traveling in the winter and spending as much time as possible at the family cottage during the summer.

Dana received her Insurance Agent’s license 10 years ago and has worked in the Insurance industry ever since. She enjoys meeting with her clients at any time and loves to support independent businesses that small communities have to offer. Dana believes in the Mutual advantage and always puts the client’s best interests first. She feels that her clients are best served when they can make an educated decision regarding their insurance coverage.